Chinese automobile exports in 2012 exceed 1m units

Chinese automobile exports in 2012 exceed 1m units

Chinese automobile exports in 2012 exceed 1m units (Shanghai January 21) - China's automobile exports grew significantly last year, finally surpassing the one million barrier. According to aBeijing Newsreport appearing today, China exported 1.05 million vehicles in 2012, 29.7 percent more than it exported the previous year.

Sedans and trucks were the most exported vehicle types, accounting for 45.3 percent and 27.9 percent of the Chinese automobiles exported last year. Chery was the country's leading exporter, followed by Geely, Great Wall, SAIC and Lifan. Both Chery and Geely's exports exceeded the 100,000 vehicle market last year. According to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers statistics, automobile exports from January to November generated $67.82 billion worth of revenue. The trade deficit between automobile imports and exports is now valued at $4.44 billion.


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