SAIC working on developing second own brand Roewe SUV

SAIC working on developing second own brand Roewe SUV

SAIC working on developing second own brand Roewe SUV (Shanghai December 6) - SAIC Motor is currently in the process of developing its second own brand SUV model following the successful release of the Roewe W5, the Beijing Times reported today. The new urban SUV will target the Buick Enclave and Ford EcoSport.

According to sources from the manufacturer, the new SUV, which will also be sold under the Roewe brand, is being worked on at the SAIC UK Technical Center. Progress is progressing smoothly, with the SUV scheduled to make its market debut in 2014. The SUV will come with a variety of power options, including 1.0 L, 1.2 L and 1.4 L turbocharged engines.

At this April's Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, SAIC displayed a mini-SUV concept named the Icon (pictured). Sources from SAIC revealed that there are many similarities between the concept and the upcoming SUV.


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