Beijing Controls Automobile Quantity, Odd or Even License Allowed Only in Heavy Pollution Day

State Council has published the expected (hereinafter referred to as ), which is so called “State Ten”. It is the strictest policy for air pollution controlling ever. The plan requires to low down 10% of the PM10 concentration of China national wide. And Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta area should reduce 25%, 20% and 15% PM10 concentration respectively. According to the plan, nation air quality shall have “overall improvement” after 5 years.

Beijing Controls Automobile Quantity, Odd or Even License Allowed Only in Heavy Pollution Day

The action plan has its quantitative targets. For an example, respirable particulate matter concentration of national above town-level cities shall decrease more than 10%, and good air condition days shall increase step by step. Respirable particulate matter concentration of Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta area shall decrease 25%, 20% and 15% respectively in 2017.

Beijing is the only city who has specific requirements. Annual respirable particulate matter concentration of Beijing shall within 60 micrograms / cubic meter. The action plan asks for strict control of new production capacity of high energy consumption and high pollution industry, washing out backward production capacity, and forcing industry reformation. It is asked to wash out backward capacity of iron and steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, glass and other 21 key industries with necessary economical, technological, law and acceptable administrative methods according to the requirement. It will reduce another 15 million ton iron, 15 million ton steel, 100 million ton cement and 20 million weight box glass capacities in 2015.

The action plan requires strength moving pollution source prevention. It encourage popularize intelligent public transportation system, green travelling, and low down automobile usage.

Besides, it is stress that big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou shall strictly control their automobiles quantities, and encourage green travelling and limit automobile usage.

According to the action plan, the percentage of coal accounts for the proportion of total energy consumption shall be reduced to fewer than 65%. Coal consumption of Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other regions shall achieve negative growth.

It is the first time to introduce fine particulate matter into assessment index, and take environment improvement as one of governor assessment indexes. Supervisory authority shall inspect relative organizations and personnel responsibilities according to regulations and laws if they have not achieved annual goal.

Fahe Cai, Vice dean of Environment Science Faculty, believes that it is the strictest assessment for air pollution ever.

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